How to Open or Reactive Face Book Disable or Blocked Account

FaceBook Blocked Account:

How to Open or Reactive Face Book Disable or Blocked Account

Hello Today i am going to share a very useful information about Face Book account.Why a Facebook account or Id getting blocked or disabled permanently.Here is a several problem which causes of Account blocking. But every user know about why his account blocked some time is rear that a user have not knowledge why his account is blocked.So i am going to tell about that problems.How to Open or Reactive Face Book Disable or Blocked Account.

Now a day Facebook become a world large company. That’s why a huge company have a big term and conditions which is compulsory for every user.When ever a user have less knowledge about user community guide line he break the rules and face book blocked his account.

Account Blocking Reasons:

Here is some poplars reasons of Id blocking.May be possibility of your account blocking and disabling main problem and reason is blow one of them if is right in blow the is very easy to get back your Facebook account.If is not then you should to track what is reason your self.I hope you will find easly.

  • 1. Robert Comment
  • 2.Wrong Use
  • 3.Extra Comment
  • 4.Long Time Dis Connectivity
  • 5.Huge Amount Of Sharing
  • 6.Large Number of Like Post in a day
  • 7.Huge Amount of Sharing Post a day
  • 8.Abusing
  • 9.Sexual Content
  • 10.Fighting
  • 11.Security Reasons

So theses are some problem which may be possible of your account blocking.You should try to obey the rules of facebook. Which is grantee to use a account without any termination. I hope you will understand what i wants to say you.If by chance your account is blocked or disable how you can get back this.

How to Enable or Reactive FaceBook Account :

There are blow some picture which possible massage from Facebook after blocking a account.If you see blow two picture then is impossible to get back your Id.

If you find a blow massage from Facebook then you should try to get back your account.





  1. If your account get blocked to please Don’t Open your Facebook Id upto 48 to 96 hrs. Then you should Clear the history and cashes.try it when It may be back to normal.
  2. Here is second reasons If you still unable to through the automated security verification Solution . Then may be possible Facebook find a suspicious activity on your account.That why your account blocked.
  3. Third one is face book send a vitrifaction code on your mobile no then may be your account will open.
  4. Account authenticity: May is possible face show your friends photos which no of five.You have to give right answer of all.That who is your friend and what is his name.This is on Fourth no.
  5. When you will complete that about your friend photo vitrifaction then you see welcome on your screen.
  6. Then you have to continue there you ask what is your email which connect on your Facebook account.
  7. Then you further ask a security question about your account which you will your security reasons.
  8. Lats one If you sure, your Facebook account locked or disable by mistake. Then no need to worries, you can submit an appeal. Appeal form shown on Facebook account or you can click here. You should to fill up form and submit your Id card which show clear your photo and date pf birth.
  9. You can also provide a passport and marriage certificate.
  10. Here is blow image of personal profile activation you can also check and get help fro ]m here.This is a helping screen shot.

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