Computer Important Concepts


Computer Important Concepts


A peripheral is any device which can be attached to a computer system apart from a keyboard and a monitor. Examples of a peripheral device include printer, scanner. modem, mouse etc.


This word comes from the term software which we discussed in the last chapter. Data that is saved on a storage device (like hard disk, RAM, CD-Rom or a floppy disk) is known as a’ softcopy’ because it can not be touched or physically felt. It can only be viewed on a monitor.


Anything that can be felt is called hardware. In this way data that has been printed on paper is known as ‘Hard copy’. Computer Important Concepts.The term hardcopy come from the word hardware which we have studied in previous sections.

Computer Virus:

A computer virus is actually a type of software or program but it is written with the purpose of harming the computer systems and the data stored on them. It is usually written by people who take pleasure from harming others.The virus can save itself on a computer as a separate file a of computer viruses in the world today. The virus can be and there are thousands of typestransferred from one computer to another by floppy drives and the exchange ofdata through the Internet. Every year thousands of dollars worth or data is lost due to attacks by computer viruses.

Anti virus:

An anti virus is also a program or software, but this is written specifically for defending against computer viruses. Although an antivirus can help protect a computer from a virus attack it is in need of constant up gradation because many new viruses are created every day.

What is a computer BUG?

As you may all know a bug is actually a small insect, but in the language of computers a bug is any fault that a computer program may have and which causes it to work improperly. This could be a fault in the program itself or the inability of the programmer to fix a certain problem.

History of the bug:

The first computer bug was actually a real bug and this term came from areal event in the early stages of computers. In the summer of 1945 GraceM. Hopper was trying to fix a problem with the Mark 1 computer which had stopped working and found a real bug (insect) in the computers hardware systems. After that any un explainable problem with a computer program was termed as a bug.


The process of solving the problem with computer software is called debugging.

1/0 Ports and cards:

Input/output ports and cards provide computer users with the option of attaching external devices to the computer. I/O cards are also known as expansion cards or adapter cards. Each card is placed on the motherboard in a different slot. These cards are available for different purposes like controlling sound effects, networking, connecting to the internet (modem), controlling graphics etc. I/O ports arc used to attach different peripheral devices like the mouse, joysticks, printers, scanners etc.


Backup means storing your data in another safe location so that if something goes wrong the second copy of data can be used. Data can be lost or damaged by different ways such as corruption due to a virus, accidental deletion or the loss of an entire computer system in a natural disaster such as floods.
An effective way of backing up data is to store it on a separate computer system which is also in a different physical location.


A collection of data is called a database. A database program can help us organize, save and retrieve data. An example of a database could be the names and addresses of all the students in a class or school.


A cartoon movie is actually the fast movement of pictures (graphics) and this process is called animation. In animation a series of pictures, known as frames, are shown rapidly to give the effect of a movie. In a typical five minute cartoon movie nearly 9000 frames are shown But it doe not look like you are looking at separate pictures because they are being switched very fast which gives the false impression of movement.


When information is displayed in a meaningful way using text, sound, video and display it is said to be a multimedia approach. A multimedia computer system would contain a sound card, speakers and a CD-rom drive in addition to the normal nuts and bolts.


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