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Blank Message :

Here is today we are going to share a best application which name is Blank Message. So this app will offer you app  send empty WhatsApp messages to all your contact. But you can send it just copy in your clip board and send where you wants. So you can put this message to all you other contact and social media. May you can also use this application for your video editing. Search on our site you will get this app. You can also hide your blue tick whastapp message with the help of this. You should try this one time sure. I hope you will like this as you wants. You can make joke with your all friends by sending empty message.

Blank Message

Advantage :

Here is blow simple advantage of this application.

  • Simple to use
  • Its provide different options.
  •  You can Confused your friends yes.
  • Its is possible to use in a simple mobile.
  • Every one can use this
  • Dont have good information for its user.
  • Even a common mobile user can also use it.

How you can use this:

This is a simple app you can us this very simply.  You first need to decide that what you wants to send a singe message or send to complete line to other user. Then you need chose a number of character and row for sending. Last you need to send a empty message on direct whastapp you need to copy a message on your clipboard. May you like this much more then all other. With the help of this you can confuse your friend by sending a empty message of thousand line. You friends will down down but no find any things from you. So just download and try this application.


Finally, Here you can download from blow link

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